Make a SOUND DONATION! Thank you to these wonderful patrons and businesses who help in keeping the music alive!

Orchestra of Southern Utah, Treasurer

P.O. Box 312

Cedar City, UT 84721

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Gift Options:

Cash – Cash is a great way to contribute and may be 100% deductible with the IRS.  The Orchestra of Southern Utah is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Securities – Stocks, mutual funds, bonds and other securities are welcome and may provide you with a considerable savings in capital-gains taxes

Gifts-In-Kind – Tangible gifts or services may be donated for the purposes of off setting budgeted items.

Matching Gifts – Your gift can be doubled and maybe even tripled if you work for a company that offers a matching gift program. 

Planned Gifts – Including the Orchestra of Southern Utah in your estate planning is an excellent way to ensure that  future generations will continue to enjoy world-class music. Consider including OSU in your will, life insurance policy, retirement plan, or charitable remainder trust.

Endowment – The Orchestra of Southern Utah originated in pioneer days and is a cultural foundation organization for our area. In order to develop and build a stable and secure financial foundation for future generations, the Orchestra of Southern Utah is working to establish an endowment fund.  Your help is greatly appreciated.


Wish List 

   Music, pieces range from $50 to $1200 each

   Recordings $4000

  Programs, flyers, posters and other promotions $3000 per season

   Rental for Heritage Center, about $10,000 per season

   Guest Artist expenses

   General operating expenses: The season budget is nearly $90,000 and ticket sales cover only a small portion because we want to keep prices low enough to allow our area residents to attend.  Thus your your donations are very much appreciated so we can keep the music live.

eBay Donations Appreciated:

The Orchestra of Southern Utah (OSU) is excited to announce a new way that you can support the music in Southern Utah:  through selling on eBay.  eBay Giving Works makes it possible for sellers to donate a portion, or all, of their profit from eBay sales to OSU.  This process is simple for sellers to complete and eBay rewards sellers for their generosity with special eBay Giving Works features that help gain more bids and higher selling prices.  OSU will also benefit because they will receive not only the proceeds from the seller’s successes, but recognition in the listing.  At the end of the selling process, eBay Giving Works will provide a tax receipt to the seller on behalf of OSU.  In addition to using eBay for donations through profits, any eBay member with a PayPal account can give an online cash donation of as little as $1 to OSU through the eBay Giving Works Donate Now program (a receipt for any donations will be emailed to the donor). 

 eBay users are invited to donate to OSU through

To find out more about these easy ways to support OSU, please refer to the eBay Giving Works link at  An excellent visual representation of the “community selling” process can be seen at


Further information at

or Allen Butt, Treasurer,

or Emily Hepworth, Manager, 435-233-8213

Please send any corrections to Emily Hepworth at

Mailing address for donations:

OSU Treasurer

P.O. Box 312

Cedar City, UT  84721


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