R. L. Halversen Young Artist Concert

April 17, 2014 at the Heritage Center

Update as of Jan. 31, 2014

Sarah Sun has withdrawn to accept another performance opportunity with OSU in Nov. so Miriam Wagstaff will be playing her viola concerto.  JessiKate Riley withdrew due to another performance obligation so Liahona Axelson will play her euphonium solo.

Audition results:

From Suzanne Tegland, one of the judges:

First of all, thank you so much for asking me to help with the auditions this morning. It was a really great opportunity and wonderful experience!

I know Harold will be getting with you to discuss who we have decided upon so you can let them know. But I just wanted to add that if you could let them all know (especially the ones whom we chose as alternates) how truly wonderfully they all did, and that it truly was a very difficult decision whom to include and whom not to. We spent nearly an hour going back and forth in discussion. We all agreed that we would have chosen them all if we could.

Thank you!


The five soloists chosen by the committee (in no particular order) were Sarah Sun, JessiKate Riley, Ben Bradshaw, Lindsey Lopez, and Alex Byers. 

Miriam Wagstaff:   first alternate

Liahona Axelson:  second alternate

Annie Powell: third alternate

Thanks to those who auditioned.  We had 24 this year and the standard of musicianship continues to rise.  We encourage those who were not chosen this year to try again for next year.  


Below is the information for the 2015 concert:

Three to four young soloists will be chosen by competitive auditions to showcase their musical prowess.  Original composition is a new category.


Audition recordings due Oct. 10; Live Auditions, Nov. 15; Concert Feb. 21 and Feb. 26

Please choose music we own or can buy.

No rentals unless you pay the rental cost and we would prefer to avoid rentals because they usually cannot be recorded.

Original compositions encouraged.  One complete movement OR up to five minutes per submission.

Jan. 20, 2014

Dear Music Teachers and Youth Musicians:

            Past OSU soloists have become successful performers and teachers,  We understand the incredible dedication and preparation required for solo performance and we want to invite our best area soloists to participate.

            The Orchestra of Southern Utah is issuing a call for all young soloists in southern Utah to audition to perform in our family matinee on Feb. 21, 2015 and evening concert Feb. 26, 2015.  (1) Please choose music that is in our OSU library or may be purchased. Check with osucedarcity@gmail.com for more information. (2) Live auditions require piano accompaniment. We now have access to two grand pianos and this gives the judges a better idea as to how the solo part fits with the orchestra parts. For original composition, provide a score and a digital recording of the piece as your audition entry.

            The “Roy L. Halversen Young Artist Concert” honors a beloved teacher who came to Cedar City after training at Juilliard and in Germany. He taught countless young people in Cedar City and built a string program at the local university. We feel this is an appropriate way to honor the memory of the man who did so much to establish the standard of musical excellence in Cedar City.

            We encourage southern Utah area youth, ages 13 to 25, to audition for this event. Those selected to perform with OSU will receive a $50 honorarium and have the experience of soloing with a symphony orchestra. Those not selected to perform will have the invaluable experience of preparing for and performing in a formal audition.

            Enclosed is an application form, which may be duplicated, to be filled out by those interested in auditioning. This form contains all the requirements. (Please note the $20 non-refundable audition fee.)

          To give potential soloist as much preparation time as possible, the deadline for us to receive the recordings is Friday, Oct. 10, by 5 P.M.—but they may be submitted any time prior to that day. Six to eight finalists will be chosen from the audio recordings for the live audition on Saturday, Nov. 15 (time and location to be announced).

           Please encourage students to produce the best quality digital CD recording possible for the audition.

            Since this is a concert competition it is essential to hear the accompaniment as well as the solo part. Any audition recording without accompaniment will NOT be considered. Remind students that if selected, they will be expected to attend rehearsals with OSU in March and April. The concerts are scheduled for Feb. 21 and Feb. 26 with the dress rehearsal on Feb. 25. The performance is recorded and may be broadcast via youtube and our website, www.orchestraofsouthernutah.org.

            If the student would like to have their audition materials returned to them, they must note it and provide a self addressed stamped envelope.

            Please contact me if you have any further questions or comments. We look forward to hearing many talented young musicians this season!


Pete Akins

Executive Director, Orchestra of Southern Utah

590-4266 or peteakins@tlc2.org

Please click here for the Application. (This has yet to be updated so refer to dates above for the 2014-15 season).



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